October 2018 Bulletin

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Welcome to Implementation in Action, a monthly bulletin for implementers and intermediary organizations who are seeking to apply implementation science in a thoughtful and systematic way. Implementation in Action includes an introduction to the theme, a Project Spotlight, and links to two resources, an older one and a new one.


How Can a Process Model Help You?

By Julia E Moore

What does it mean to apply implementation science? This is a challenging question without a clear answer. Implementation science is multi-disciplinary and affects many aspects of implementation. So what are the practicable aspects of implementation science? These are are generally considered to be implementation science theories, models, and frameworks. These theories, models, and frameworks make up the architecture or backbone of applying…

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Project Spotlight: Quality Implementation Framework

By Andrea Chaplin

I am an evaluation specialist working for an intermediary organization called Public Health Ontario. I support teams evaluate their initiatives and support them gather information they need to plan for the implementation of these initiatives. At Public Health Ontario we provide scientific evidence and expert guidance...

Implementation Resources - Julia's October Picks

Classic: Making Sense of Implementation Theories, Models and Frameworks
This germinal article defines the difference between theories, models, and frameworks (actually classifying them into 5, not 3 categories). It has shaped the way many researchers and implementers think about implementation science. This paper fundamentally changed the way I understand implementation science, its value in the world, and how I teach that to others.

New: Opportunities for Epidemiologists in Implementation Science: A Primer
For those who are new to implementation science (or want a refresher), this is a great article that outlines the field of implementation science. Although it is targeted to epidemiologists, the majority of the content is relevant for anyone who wants to understand the foundations of implementation science.