Implementation in Action Bulletin

Implementation in Action shines a spotlight on real-life examples of real-life implementation practice.

Bulletin Editions:

October 2018 - Selecting a Process Model + Quality Implementation Framework (QIF)

November 2018 - Active Implementation (NIRN)

December 2018 - Knowledge to Action (KTA) Model

January 2019 - Using a Theory of Change

February 2019 - Co-creation of Knowledge

March 2019 - Facilitation in Knowledge Mobilization

April 2019 - Scaling up Evidence-based Programs

May 2019 - Adaptations, Fidelity and the Adaptation-Impact Framework

June 2019 - Making EBPs Locally Meaningful and Relevant

July 2019 - Doing Barriers and Facilitators Assessments with Limited Time and Resources

August 2019 - Readiness and Implementation

September 2019 - Intermediary Organizations in the Implementation System

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