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Inspiring Change Mini-Course is closed … until Fall 2019

Thank you!

Almost 2000 people enrolled in our free online mini-course, “Inspiring Change”. If you weren’t one of them, follow us on social media and sign up for the Implementation in Action bulletin to stay updated on our Fall 2019 courses.

Implementation in Action Bulletin

Implementation in Action shines a spotlight on real-life examples of real-life implementation practice.

Bulletin Editions:

October 2018 - Selecting a Process Model + Quality Implementation Framework (QIF)

November 2018 - Active Implementation (NIRN)

December 2018 - Knowledge to Action (KTA) Model

January 2019 - Using a Theory of Change

February 2019 - Co-creation of Knowledge

March 2019 - Facilitation in Knowledge Mobilization

April 2019 - Scaling up Evidence-based Programs

May 2019 - Adaptations, Fidelity and the Adaptation-Impact Framework

June 2019 - Making EBPs Locally Meaningful and Relevant

July 2019 - Doing Barriers and Facilitators Assessments with Limited Time and Resources

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